Taiwan, mainland China sea routes could see full reopening

  • A full reopening of sea-travel routes between mainland China and Taiwan may soon be on the cards, in a development that could help the island’s economy recover after Beijing said it would restart trade in some agricultural products.
  • Mainland officials have “shown kindness” toward a permanent relaunch of the so-called three mini links – transport, trade and postal services between Taiwan’s offshore islets of Quemoy, also known as Kinmen, and Matsu, Xiamen, Mawei and Quanzhou in the mainland Chinese province of Fujian
  • The 22-year-old connections were suspended in 2020 by Taiwanese officials due to concerns about coronavirus outbreaks on the mainland.
  • A full reopening of mini three links would bring in 10 times the number of visitors Quemoy sees now. About 900,000 people reached the islets every year before 2020.
  • A resumption of sea travel would be another sign of easing political tensions, after mainland China on 13 Feb said in a statement it would allow some agricultural and fishery imports from Taiwan once again.

External Link : https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3210187/taiwan-mainland-china-sea-routes-could-see-full-reopening-after-beijing-shows-kindness