State partisanship ‘serious problem’: Ombudsman

  • Concerns surrounding the potential lack of neutrality of the state apparatus have gained traction among state and public observers amid recent difficulties in keeping civil workers in line and claims of intimidation tactics, raising concerns of jeopardized public trust in the February election.
  • Before the 2024 election’s official campaign period began, the Indonesian Ombudsman warned that the threat of partisanship in the state apparatus–which the agency considers to include civil workers, regional heads and village chiefs–is becoming an increasingly “serious” and “vulgar” problem
  • The Ombudsman had partnered with the Indonesian Civil Service Commission (KASN) in the effort to supervise regional heads, civil permanent and non-contract workers and village chiefs ahead of the February poll.
  • The neutrality of village heads has been particularly put into question after a group of village chiefs called Desa Bersatu(Villages United) held an event in early November many saw as a veiled campaign for Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

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