South Korea sues North for $35 million over blown-up liaison office

  • South Korea sued North Korea on 14 Jun for USD35mn in compensation for a liaison office that North Korea blew up in 2020, in a case highlighting the breakdown of ties between the neighbours as the North presses on with its weapons programmes.
  • North Korea blew up the liaison office, set up in 2018 on its side of the border to foster better ties, after threatening retaliation for North Korean defectors in the South waging a propaganda leaflet campaign.
  • A South Korean official said the suit, lodged with the Seoul Central District Court, was the first the government had ever filed against the North.
  • The South Korean Unification Ministry, which handles inter-Korean affairs, said the case had to be filed before 16 Jun to comply with a three-year statue of limitations under South Korean law.
  • “This action is taken to preserve national claims and interrupt the statute of limitations of the right to claim compensation for damages,” the ministry said in a release.

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