Singapore: Visitors from China top spenders in Singapore for second year running – 19 Jul 2017

  • Data from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) showed that visitors from China spent an estimated SGD3.52bn here in 2016, a 39% y/y increase.
  • This was the second year in a row that China has emerged as Singapore’s top-spending market, beating Indonesia, which has traditionally been the top spender. There were 2.86 million Chinese visitors in 2016, up 36% from 2015.
  • A survey of over 3,000 Chinese travellers by online travel booking site released on 18 Jul 17 found that Singapore is the top Asia-Pacific city that Chinese travellers want to visit in the next 12 months.
  • The survey found that when choosing a holiday destination, safety was paramount to Chinese travellers. They also tended to prioritise destinations with historical and heritage value, and those that offer activities on their bucket list.
  • According to STB data, the growth in Chinese tourists has been fuelled by a rise in tourists from secondary cities in China.
  • In 2016, there were 122 million outbound Chinese tourists – a staggering 74% more than in 2011 – but just 10% of the Chinese population had passports. The average length of their trips increased in 2016 from five days to seven days, while average spending, including accommodation, rose from USD414 to USD446.
  • Despite many key indicators providing signs of a slowdown in the Chinese economy, the report found that spending on travel increased across all age brackets. In the next 12 months, those surveyed said they intend to spend an average 10% more on travel.
  • Interestingly, shopping is no longer the main attraction for them. Instead, they value leisure, experiences, and exploring local culture and heritage. Spending on eco and green tours, for instance, has risen 12% in 2016.

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