Singapore tweaks employment rules to address its skills shortage

  • Singapore is to make it easier for superintendents and technical superintendents to secure employment in the city-state in the face of a dearth of local talent.
  • Superintendents were one of 27 occupations recently named on a “shortage occupation list” by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MoM).
  • The shortage occupation list is said to be for roles that require highly specialised skills that are lacking in the Singaporean workforce.
  • Superintendents were the only occupation from the maritime sector to make the list which also includes jobs from the agritech, financial services, green economy, healthcare and information and communications technology sectors.
  • The MOM and the Ministry of Trade and Industry said the shortlist was put together with government agencies, unions and employers.
  • It will be reviewed every three years, but MoM said it will “retain the flexibility to add or remove occupations annually if required by market conditions”.
  • The MoM said one key consideration when placing an occupation on the shortage occupation list was a strong commitment by the sector agency to work with industry to develop the local pipeline to address these shortages over time.

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