Singapore maintains position as Asia’s most innovative country

  • Singapore is the most innovative country in the world outside Europe, according to an index out on 11 Jul 18.
  • The Global Innovation Index ranked the country fifth – two spots higher than 2017 – and once again the top in Asia. The overall league table put Switzerland first followed by the Netherlands, Sweden and Britain. The United States, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Ireland rounded off the top 10.
  • Singapore remained in first place globally for government effectiveness, regulatory quality and foreign direct investment outflows.
  • It was also a top performer for political stability and safety, market capitalisation, foreign direct investment inflows, high-and medium-high-tech manufacturing and high-tech net exports.
  • But the report noted that Singapore was relatively weak when it came to expenditure on education, pupil-teacher ratios, environmental performance, productivity growth, and trademarks and industrial designs by origin.

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