Singapore: Construction for Singapore’s end of high-speed rail expected to start in 2019

  • The Land Transport Authority has called tenders for the design and construction of tunnels and associated facilities for Singapore’s end of the high-speed rail project connecting with Kuala Lumpur.
  • Construction is expected to start in 2019.
  • “We called the tenders for the design and construction of twin bored tunnels and associated facilities on 6 Apr 18, and the design and construction of cut and cover tunnels leading into the Jurong East terminus on 11 Apr 18,” an LTA spokesman said.
  • The tunnels are constructed using tunnel-boring machines, which are preferred for longer stretches of underground excavation as they cause less disturbance to surface utilities, buildings and structures.
  • In comparison, cut and cover tunnels are constructed using retaining structures, then excavating in stages.
  • This method is preferred for shorter distances and in open areas with fewer surface utilities, buildings and structures.
  • Cut and cover tunnels are also more suitable for larger underground structures, such as the tunnel leading to the Jurong East terminus.
  • The LTA said the remaining civil tenders will be called in the coming months, and construction work is expected to commence in 2019.
  • “We remain on track to commence the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore express service by 2026,” the spokesman said.

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