Singapore confident in resolving bilateral issues with Malaysia

  • Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is slated to visit Singapore by the end of Jan 23 while Singapore’s President Halimah Yacob is also expected to make a state visit to Malaysia in Mar 23.
  • Mr Anwar’s visit to Singapore will set the stage for bilateral talks between ministries of both countries, including follow-ups on outstanding issues. The meeting will set the agenda and the timetable for the ministers and respective ministries to follow up. Connectivity, longstanding issues which are ripe for resolution will be discussed.
  • For the countries to move into new bilateral collaborations, the Singapore minister said that new areas such as the digital and green economies are important to reduce climate change and lessen carbon footprints.
  • Mutual investments and support from both sides would create a productive ecosystem between Malaysia and Singapore for the future, especially in the key sectors semiconductors and artificial intelligence.
  • The ministers agreed to enhance cooperation in various areas, including restoring full connectivity and new opportunities in digital economy and sustainable development.

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