President Tsai urges support for Taiwan-U.S. tax agreement

  • A bilateral agreement on the avoidance of double taxation will facilitate more two-way investment and trade, President Tsai Ing-wen said on 4 Jul at a meeting with a visiting American delegation of conservative Republican lawmakers.
  • Taiwan hopes to negotiate an agreement on avoiding double taxation with the United States, Tsai said, arguing that such a deal would encourage bilateral investment and trade cooperation and create more opportunities for businesses from both sides.
  • She urged the delegation, which consists of six members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) in the U.S. House of Representatives, to “lend its support” on the issue.
  • Tsai also mentioned that Taiwan looked forward to working with the U.S. and other democratic partners in the Indo-Pacific to build “more secure and resilient supply chains” in the face of authoritarian expansion.
  • RSC Chairman Kevin Hern said his delegation’s current five-day visit was meant to boost the bilateral relationship between Taiwan and the U.S.
  • “The relationship and the partnership between the United States and Taiwan is integral to both our nations,” Hern said, “We both share the same values of freedom and opportunity.”
  • Hern went on to voice his support for Taiwan as an independent and sovereign nation, saying it would be “an honor” to “one day soon see Taiwan experience the same independence that our original 13 colonies enjoyed in the early days.”

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