PM sets pace for 7 May poll

  • Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said he will dissolve the House of Representatives early next month so the general election can be held on 7 May as scheduled by the Election Commission (EC).
  • Gen Prayut told the cabinet meeting that the House will be dissolved in March. The election is scheduled for 7 May as announced by the EC and that time frames have been set so concerned agencies can proceed with their work smoothly ahead of the election, thereby giving the MPs some breathing space.
  • In this case, the election law requires a poll to be held between 45-60 days after the dissolution.
  • After a House dissolution, the present government would remain in the role of a caretaker until a new cabinet is sworn into office.
  • Gen Prayut said that Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam had informed those present of the time frame for the general election and the do’s and don’ts for a caretaker government.
  • Previously, Gen Prayut said he would dissolve the House before the end of its four-year tenure on 23 Mar to allow politicians time to switch parties.

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