Philippines: Duterte sees 18-point drop in satisfaction rating

  • The latest survey of the Social Weather Stations revealed that the net satisfaction of President Rodrigo Duterte declined by 18 points, plunging to “good” from the previous “very good.”
  • The third quarter 2017 SWS survey showed that 67% of Filipinos were satisfied with Duterte’s performance while 19% were dissatisfied and 14% were undecided. This resulted in a net satisfaction rating of +48 compared to his +66 rating in Jun 17.
  • Duterte’s net trust rating, although at “very good” with +60, went down by 15 points compared to the previous poll. In Jun 17, the president had a +75 net trust rating or “excellent.”
  • The survey also showed that Duterte’s net satisfaction rating remained steady in Mindanao as it only increased by a point at +76 in Sep 17 compared to Jun 17. His satisfaction rating for Visayas and Luzon, however, decreased by 30 points and 22 points, respectively.
  • The 3Q17 SWS survey was conducted from 23-27 Sep 17 with face-to-face interviews of 1,500 adults nationwide

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