Personal freedom vies with deterrence in public security law revamp

  • China is now amending the 17-year-old Public Security Administration Punishments Law to categorize more public security violations as illegal acts subject to punishment. The amended draft has been open for public feedback since Sept. 1, running through the end of this month, before being passed into law.
  • In the first two weeks of this month alone, more than 110,000 suggestions were submitted online from the public, including many legal experts, with some of the new additions and revisions sparking heated discussions online.
  • The current law lists four types of public security violations: “behaviors that disturb public order, are detrimental to public security, violate personal and property rights, and interfere with social administration.” The specific acts constituting violations and their penalties are outlined for each category.
  • The amended draft keeps the four types of violations unchanged, but under each category adds a number of new violations subject to penalties. For example, cheating on exams, organizing and leading pyramid schemes, acts that harm national heroes and military personnel who died while serving, and “hurting the feelings of the Chinese nation” are added to the list of behaviors deemed to be disturbing public order.

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