Parliament approves SGD123.7bn Budget as debate ends

  • Parliament here must avoid going down the path of others worldwide that have become gridlocked, hamstrung or at such loggerheads that countries cannot move forward, and their people pay the price, Leader of the House Indranee Rajah said on 6 Mar.
  • She was responding to a speech by Nominated MP Cheng Hsing Yao near the end of the debate on the Government’s Budget. He had laid out four principles that MPs here should follow to ensure that the Singapore Parliament would always be “an effective and respected political arena”.
  • The four principles are to be factually accurate, to highlight both benefits and trade-offs, to be constructive and to avoid creating polarisation.
  • Parliament’s deliberations should shape the public discourse and set the direction for the country, she added.
  • This exchange occurred right before Parliament passed the Government’s SGD123.7bn spending plans for the coming financial year, and the debate was rounded up.

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