Pan-Asia: Manila will consult ASEAN regarding South China Sea ventures – 27 Jul 2017

  • The Philippines has promised it will consult its neighbours on any joint oil and gas exploration with China in the disputed South China Sea and that such a venture in its waters will have to adhere to its laws.
  • Foreign Secretary Alan Cayetano told reporters 26 Jul 17 that Manila and Beijing “are still talking about principles”, or a framework of a possible agreement. “We’re exploring if we can explore,” he said.
  • He added that the parameters are simple. Any agreement has to be in conformity with the Constitution and local laws. Any agreement will not give up a single inch of our territorial integrity.
  • On 24 Jul 17, President Rodrigo Duterte had said a partner had been found to develop oil and gas fields inside the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. The Philippines had previously been in talks with China oil giant CNOOC over the possibility of joint exploration.

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