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These are sample stories on Asia which we track on a daily basis. The sources and links to the stories, which are available online, are acknowledged and listed. Where any of these stories require paid subscription to access, we've listed only the portion which the site allows.

Philippines: Duterte ‘won’t listen’ to Congress, SC on martial law – 29 May 2017


President Duterte has vowed to ignore the Supreme Court and Congress as he enforces martial law across Mindanao despite the Constitution giving them oversight. The 1987 Constitution imposes limits on martial law to prevent a

Thailand: Prayut accused of attempt to retain power – 28 May 2017


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has come under heavy attack for asking “leading questions” that are seen as an attempt to gather public support for the regime to stay on in power. He came up with

China Tweaks Yuan’s Fix to Keep Currency Stable – 27 May 2017


A new tweak to the mechanism of setting the yuan’s exchange rate gives China’s central bank more power to counter market sentiments betting against the currency, analysts said. The adjustment, announced 26 May 17 by

India: Cabinet okays winding up of FIPB, approves strategic partnership policy for defence manufacturing – 25 May 2017


The union cabinet on 24 May 17 approved dismantling of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, marking a watershed in India’s overseas investment framework, giving a major boost to ‘Make in India’ and easing the flow

Hong Kong Becomes China Collateral Damage With Moody’s Downgrade – 25 May 2017


Hong Kong saw its debt rating cut by Moody’s Investors Service hours after China’s downgrade, highlighting potential risks from a tightening economic integration. The former British colony has seen not only its property and stock