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These are sample stories on Asia which we track on a daily basis. The sources and links to the stories, which are available online, are acknowledged and listed. Where any of these stories require paid subscription to access, we've listed only the portion which the site allows.

Philippines: DOF supports amnesty for delinquent taxpayers


The Department of Finance (DOF) is supporting a new bill seeking to provide delinquent taxpayers a chance for a “clean slate” by granting amnesty for all their unpaid obligations. In an interview, Finance Secretary Carlos

Malaysia’s high interest payments on debt raise concern


Malaysia’s debt is at a manageable level, the government says. Yet there are concerns among its critics over how much interest is being paid to service that debt and whether borrowing by state firms hides

War on drugs will not stop: Duterte


Despite the possibility of being investigated or prosecuted for extrajudicial killings by the International Criminal Court (ICC), President Duterte declared on 12 Feb 18 there will be no letup in his vicious war on drugs.

Key test for Modi and Rahul Gandhi, with eight states to hold elections


Eight Indian states, including Karnataka, go to the polls in 2018 in what analysts see as a crucial barometer of voters ahead of the general election in 2019. Polling is already underway in the north-eastern

China puts job creation on the front burner in quest for stable growth


China will boost its job creation effort and promote entrepreneurship in 2018. It is under pressure to find work for millions of unemployed people and new college graduates. The country needs to create jobs for