N. Korea scheduled to hold key parliamentary meeting following Kim-Putin summit

  • North Korea is set to hold its ninth session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA), the highest legislative body in the country.
  • While the secretive regime has not officially confirmed whether the meeting has started, the session is expected to discuss organizational matters and the review and adoption of various laws. The key focus of this SPA session revolves around whether North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will use it to deliver a public speech, possibly addressing South Korea or the United States following his recent summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • The summit between Kim and Putin, held on September 13, has raised speculation about potential agreements, including North Korea supplying ammunition for Russia’s conflict in Ukraine in exchange for food aid and weapons technology transfer. Kim recently held a politburo meeting to discuss the summit’s outcome and called for “thorough” follow-up measures.
  • Another significant issue to be addressed in the SPA session is the potential replacement of Premier Kim Tok-hun, who faced criticism from North Korea’s leader regarding flood damage and economic planning. Kim’s comments have led to speculation that he may be replaced to shift responsibility for the country’s economic challenges.
  • The specific topics to be discussed in the SPA session, including Kim Jong-un’s public speech and the premier’s status, remain uncertain, and South Korea’s unification ministry stated that it is challenging to predict the session’s agenda.

External Link : https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2023/09/103_360057.html