N.Korea says U.S.-S.Korea drills push tension to ‘brink of nuclear war’

  • North Korea accused the U.S. and South Korea of escalating tensions to the brink of nuclear war through their joint military drills, vowing to respond with “offensive action”, state media KCNA reported on 6 Apr.
  • KCNA released a commentary by Choe Ju Hyon, whom it called an international security analyst, criticising the exercises as “a trigger for driving the situation on the Korean peninsula to the point of explosion”.
  • “The reckless military confrontational hysteria of the U.S. and its followers against the DPRK is driving the situation on the Korean peninsula to an irreversible catastrophe … to the brink of a nuclear war,” the article said.
  • “The drills have turned the Korean peninsula into a huge powder magazine which can be detonated any moment,” it added.
  • North Korea has reacted furiously to the exercises, calling them a rehearsal for invasion.

External Link : https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/north-korea-says-us-south-korea-drills-push-tension-brink-nuclear-war-2023-04-05/