No-lockdown policy outlined in SONA to aid frontline businesses

  • THE no-lockdown policy declared by President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. during his State of the Nation Address (SONA) will help the restaurant industry and other frontline businesses, which oppose measures that cut down on foot traffic and mobility, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said.
  • Trade Secretary Alfredo E. Pascual told reporters on the sidelines during the post-SONA economic briefing in Pasay City that restaurants will be more confident in doing business if a no-lockdown policy is observed.
  • “The businesses are always for no lockdown. Clearly, the reason why many frontline establishments collapsed is because there are no customers going to them,” Mr. Pascual said.
  • Mr. Marcos said in his SONA that he will seek to balance the needs of public health and the economy over the remainder of the pandemic.
  • Mr. Marcos said the government is talking to drug manufacturers to bring down the cost of medicine, particularly for generic drugs.
  • Tourism Secretary Ma. Esperanza Christina G. Frasco said in her post-SONA economic briefing that she is planning to offer incentives to encourage sustainable practices within the industry.
  • “It’s very important to incentivize sustainable tourism,” she said, adding that her department is planning to introduce “incentives for the private sector (for implementing) green policies… as well as… measures that promote environmental protection, energy-efficient usage, and the like,” Ms. Frasco said.

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