Malaysia: Zaid: Umno-PAS alliance good for Najib, bad for nation – 16 May 2017

  • Umno president Najib Razak may have rebirthed one of the strongest alliances by partnering with PAS, said former law minister Zaid Ibrahim.
  • This alliance should be of concern to the opposition as its chances of winning the next general election was growing slimmer by the day, he added.
  • Zaid, who joined the DAP in Feb 17, said the reason was obvious as Muslims made up the majority of the country’s population.
  • For this, Zaid congratulated Najib, saying the latter had done the right thing in order to win the 14th general election.
  • But he also warned that this would result in the elections being heavily centred along racial and religious lines, which in the long run would probably “destroy the country”.
  • Asked as to how he believed the other component parties of the Barisan Nasional (BN) would take the Umno-PAS partnership, Zaid said there would only be objections if the two Malay parties formed a formal alliance.
  • Since this was highly unlikely, BN components such as the MIC, MCA and Gerakan might just let both Umno and PAS come to their own silent arrangement that could guarantee the coalition’s political survival, he added.

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