Malaysia: Wisma Putra probing viral audio clip, lodges police report

  • The Foreign Affairs Ministry has launched an internal investigation into an audio clip that contained the voice of a man, supposedly a ministry officer, talking to a ‘Datin’ about alleged problems faced by Wisma Putra.
  • In a statement, the ministry dismissed the content of the audio clip as “baseless accusations”, and said they have lodged a police report to protect the ministry’s image and interests.
  • “The ministry takes seriously the baseless accusations made via the viral audio recording, which is seen as an attempt to create confusion for the benefit of certain quarters. In this regard, an internal investigation is being carried out, and a report has also been lodged with the police in order to protect the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s image and interests,” the statement read.
  • Two days ago, an audio recording containing information about purported issues in Wisma Putra went viral on social media.
  • Among others, it was claimed that many important positions at Malaysian missions overseas had been left vacant without replacement. These allegedly include a number of embassies or High Commissions being left without a head of mission.
  • The man also spoke about two diplomats being recalled, which is believed to be referring to a recent case involving Malaysia’s mission to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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