Malaysia: WHO expects Malaysia’s coronavirus cases to peak in mid-Apr 20

  • The number of coronavirus cases in Malaysia is expected to peak in mid-Apr 20 and there are signs of a flattening of the infection curve, the World Health Organization said on 2 Apr 20.
  • Malaysia has the highest number of known infections in Southeast Asia with 2,908 confirmed cases. It has imposed travel and movement curbs to contain the spread of the virus.
  • “Based on available data, the WHO Country Office has projected that Malaysia will see a peak in hospitalised cases in mid-Apr 20,” Ying-Ru Lo, the WHO’s head of mission and representative to Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore told Reuters in emailed comments.
  • The number of critically ill patients is estimated to reach the peak within the next week, she said, adding that the WHO projections could change.
  • “There are initial signs of flattening of the curve, but this could bounce back if control measures are lifted and if people don’t continue to take protective measures,” Lo said.
  • Lo added that data on new infections so far and additional surveillance measures did not suggest widespread community transmission in the country.
  • Currently there are 102 coronavirus patients in intensive care across Malaysia. There have been a total of 45 deaths.
  • Malaysia’s health ministry on 1 Apr 20 said the rate of new infections appeared to be slowing amid the movement restrictions.

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