Malaysia: Umno will not work with PKR or DAP, says Shahril

  • UMNO has not changed its policy on working with PKR and DAP, said Shahril Hamdan, after opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim had said he had informally discussed it with the Malay party.
  • The party information chief said Umno’s decision at the party’s general assembly in 2019 on the matter has not changed amid speculation that there had been political cooperation talks between PKR and Umno lately.
  • “All the top Umno leaders have repeatedly mentioned that there is no cooperation with PKR and DAP,” he said on Facebook post on 16 Mar 21.
  • Sharil said that rejecting cooperation with Bersatu does not mean it must link up with other parties.
  • This comes after PKR President Anwar Ibrahim, in an interview in Mingguan Malaysia on 14 Mar 21, confirmed that there were informal discussions between PKR and Umno leaders.
  • Shahril, said that Anwar has the right to say anything but Umno should not lash out and should focus on strengthening the party.
  • “If Anwar still wants to say that there are official political negotiations and cooperation with Umno, it is his right to speak as he has always said that he has a majority in Parliament.”, he chided.
  • “We (Umno) do not have to dance to the beat of others but instead focus fully on strengthening the party internally, while working hard to win the confidence of the people,” he added.
  • Shahril said that Umno’s strength is in the people who support it, and without their support, the party will not achieve a strong position to fight for religion, race and country.

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