Malaysia: Survey finds Najib still has considerable public support – 24 May 2017

  • Despite the controversies surrounding Prime Minister Najib Razak, a survey has found that he still has considerable support from the public.
  • The nationwide survey which was conducted by PKR-linked Invoke said that out of 17,962 registered voters polled, 44% were happy with the way Najib was governing the country.
  • Another 44% responded in the negative, while the balance of 12% gave no answer.
  • When asked who they would prefer to be the prime minister after the next general election, only 31% chose Najib.
  • The rest either abstained from answering or picked other candidates from opposition parties.
  • Rafizi also suggested that Najib’s popularity in the poll could be attributed to him being the only candidate listed from BN while votes for opposition leaders were split, with more than one name offered in the survey.
  • “If other BN leaders were listed as choices for the prime minister post, the survey results may have turned out differently with support for Najib being lower,” he said.

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