Malaysia: ‘Shocking’ proof of fraud in Julau polls given to MACC

  • Sarawak PKR has handed over “incontrovertible evidence” of vote buying in its Julau division to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).
  • The Julau results have been suspended over the weekend following allegations of tampering.
  • State PKR information chief Vernon Kedit said the proof was contained in a thumb drive, adding to the “mountain of evidence” available that fraud had taken place involving the troubled division.
  • “In this tiny thumb drive is explosive and shocking evidence that blatant and unbridled corruption occurred rampantly in Julau on 10 Nov 18.
  • This is the second MACC report made by Sarawak PKR on alleged irregularities in the Julau division, which has been mired in controversy since its membership surged overnight from 603 to 13,000 in June 18.
  • On 25 Oct 18, Vernon lodged a report on the dubious registration of members, including complaints that individuals were registered without their knowledge or consent.
  • On 10 Nov 18, PKR’s central election committee suspended the results from Julau following allegations that the e-voting tablets in the polling station were tampered with.

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