Malaysia: Shafie Apdal welcomes Umno defectors

  • Party Warisan Sabah (Warisan) president Mohd Shafie Apdal has described the influx of former Umno members and new members into the party over the past 11 days as a good sign ahead of the Kimanis parliamentary by-election on 18 Jan 20.
  • Shafie, who is also Sabah Chief Minister, said their decision to join Warisan showed that they are starting to open their eyes to the direction of the state government in terms of development of Sabah.
  • “It is possible that in the past, our information did not reach grassroots supporters due to the way we disseminated it, but now they understand from our explanations, aside from seeing the changes brought by the government in just over a year.
  • “This is a good sign, we are confident that these new members will provide strong support to the party and the government,” he told reporters.
  • Shafie also wanted the party to meet and get to know all residents in the constituency within the next few days, before the by-election.
  • On 11 Jan 20, more than 500 Umno members joined Warisan.

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