Malaysia: PKR polls: Regardless of outcome, Saifuddin wants to work with Rafizi

  • PKR deputy presidency candidate Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has indicated that he will work together with his opponent Rafizi Ramli regardless of the outcome of the party election.
  • Speaking to Malaysiakini, Saifuddin described Rafizi as a friend and that the two of them provide different but complementary skills to the party.
  • “For this election, I am confident that we will not see a repeat of what happened the last time – where the winner left the party, and the also-ran decided to take a break.
  • “This time, regardless of the outcome, I am confident the winner will serve (out his term) while the loser will have a place in the party. I don’t see a problem between Rafizi and me. I am confident that we can cooperate to help the party face the next general election,” he added.
  • Saifuddin believed that the contest for PKR deputy presidency was now “friendlier”. “I have to reiterate that Rafizi is my friend. I have some experience and skills, while Rafizi has ideas and creativity. To me, we are a natural fit (to work together),” he said.

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