Malaysia: PKR leaders refer Zuraida case to disciplinary board

  • A central PKR leader has lodged an official complaint against Vice President Zuraida Kamaruddin and several other leaders for violating party rules for not attending a meeting sent to the disciplinary board.
  • Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid, also a Kapar MP, said he sent an official complaint to Chairman of the Board of Discipline Ahmad Kassim on 24 Sep 19 via email and also sent a report to his residence.
  • “I demand that disciplinary action be taken because she (Zuraida) is alleged to have violated the party’s highest council rules. She has to answer,” he told FMT.
  • Earlier, Abdullah Sani was reported to have taken disciplinary action against Zuraida who was also a Cabinet member and several other leaders for not attending the meeting, which was seen as damaging to the party’s image.
  • Abdullah said the quarrels between leaders could only be resolved at the negotiating table and the best platform party meeting to resolve the issue at hand.
  • Zuraida insisted on meeting Anwar with certain leaders, but the PKR president insisted there was no need for a special meeting as they could meet at political bureau meetings every Wednesday and at the central leadership council’s monthly meeting.

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