Malaysia: Parliament must scrutinise stimulus package, says Anwar

  • Parliamentary opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has called for a debate on the government’s MYR35bn stimulus package to help the economy recover from the Covid-19 crisis.
  • The PKR president said the programme must be thoroughly reviewed by Parliament, to ensure it was properly implemented.
  • Anwar said that the Penjana package was akin to a national budget, given the billions of MYR allocated to the programme, and thus must be debated in Parliament.
  • Anwar, who is MP for Port Dickson, said the public does not know the source of the MYR35bn, although the people were told not to worry over Putrajaya’s capability of spending it.
  • “But will we be spending it properly and ensure no leakages? Will it reach the targeted audience? These are the questions that must be debated in Parliament.”

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