Malaysia: Pakatan hopes to win Tg Piai with development agenda

  • Development of Tg Piai will be Pakatan Harapan’s main campaign thrust in the parliamentary by-election despite the opposition’s propensity to take up issues of race and religion.
  • PH candidate Karmaine Sardini’s message to Tg Piai’s 52,986 voters is to support the ruling coalition so that the work of the late MP Md Farid Md Rafik could be continued.
  • “The issues are more on infrastructure such as repairing roads. Some have been dealt with by the government but some had been applied for by the late MP and are in the process of implementation,” Karmaine said during a walkabout at the Pekan Nenas wet market.
  • “We are the government, so please give us the opportunity to continue with the development agenda. In three to four years, God willing, we will solve the area’s problems.
  • “After 60 years of BN rule, the country is still not perfect. We have only been here for one and a half years,” Karmaine said, adding that the Johor government is also on track to delivering its election manifesto.
  • “We have only been in government for one and a half years. If BN is able to forge communal unity after ruling for 60 years, it shows they have failed.
  • “If they keep using racial issues (to win elections) it shows they have failed.”

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