Malaysia: ‘No’ to negotiating former Umno seats with Bersatu, says Tajuddin

  • UMNO elections director Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has rejected calls by Bersatu’s Azmin Ali to negotiate over the parliamentary seats Umno has lost to the smaller party which leads the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.
  • “Umno’s position is to regain all the seats it lost through defections. There’s no need for discussions,” Tajuddin was quoted saying by Sinar Harian.
  • The party Supreme Council leader also said that the Umno leadership is firm in its decision to take back seats it had lost to Bersatu.
  • Azmin, a senior minister in the PN government and a Bersatu supreme council member, said earlier that Bersatu and Umno should negotiate the 13 seats that were won by Umno lawmakers in the 2018 general election but who then quit to join Bersatu.
  • “If Umno demands those seats, let’s discuss. These 13 parliamentary seats could cause the entire (PN) government to collapse, I don’t think that’s fair,” Azmin had said in an interview with Sinar Harian.

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