Malaysia: No change to Cabinet, hard to work with fixed timeline on handover, says Dr M

  • Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on 17 Sep 19 confirmed that he will not introduce new members to his Cabinet while he is prime minister, amid public criticism of several allegedly underperforming ministers.
  • “If I change a minister and take in new minister, the candidates I have are all new. This present minister has got one-year experience. In a new minister I will have a tough time getting him to adjust in a new job. He probably won’t deliver also,” he replied when asked if he would replace any member of his Cabinet, including Education Minister Maszlee Malik who has been lambasted by the public as a poorly performing minister.
  • “Well the next prime minister might have his own Cabinet. When you reshuffle the Cabinet, it creates problems and doesn’t solve problems. It creates more problems. That’s why I’m not keen on solving problems by changing people.
  • Touching on the two-year timeline that he has as prime minister, Dr Mahathir said he will keep to his promise but at the same time needs to ensure that the country is back on its feet before handing the reins of power.
  • “I promised I would be interim PM. I will do so. I keep my promise.”
  • However, when asked why he is keeping his cards close to his chest, he pointed out that giving him a fixed timeline will make it harder for him to achieve his goals.
  • “Because I have to make sure I solve most of the major problems before handover. A fixed period difficult for me to work,” said Dr Mahathir.

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