Malaysia: Najib must apologise to Umno members: Utusan Malaysia

  • NAJIB Razak must apologise to Umno members for lying about the MYR2.6bn found in his personal bank account, said Utusan Malaysia in an editorial on 4 Nov 18.
  • The Umno mouthpiece, in a rare censure of the former prime minister, said Najib’s long-running deception of Malaysians, especially members of the party he once headed, was the reason for the people’s loss of faith in the Barisan Nasional leadership, ultimately leading to the pact’s lynchpin losing power in the 14th general election.
  • “Najib’s recent remarks that he does not know the source of the funds that made their way into his personal account have left Malaysians, in particular, Umno members, feeling deceived.
  • “They had, all along, believed his statement, that the money was a donation from the Saudi government,” said the paper’s editors, under the collective pseudonym Awang Selamat.
  • The editorial said it does not make sense for Najib to plead ignorance as to where the funds had come from, especially when “there has been revelation after revelation that the funds were from Tanore Finance Corporation”.
  • “What is even more illogical is that Najib never took the initiative to directly thank the Saudi government or King Abdullah if, indeed, the money was a donation.”
  • At long last, Najib’s lie was exposed during his interview with Al Jazeera, it said.

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