Malaysia: Mat Hasan calls for Umno caution over Bersatu offer

  • Umno must be cautious and not easily swayed by any offer to forge a political alliance with Bersatu warned Mohamad Hasan, after party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi pitched the idea at a recent meeting.
  • The Umno deputy president said the party should consider if such co-operation would be beneficial to it and the Malays in the long term.
  • Mohamad, known as Mat Hasan or Tok Mat as he is called by the party faithful, said that if something looked too good, then it might be the total opposite, and that is why Umno should be cautious.
  • Zahid suggested the party co-operate with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Bersatu for the sake of Umno’s own survival and future. The proposal was announced by Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Noor Adam on 3 Feb 20.
  • According to Lokman, Zahid gave several reasons why Umno should co-operate, partly because PAS had already done so and Umno could not be left behind.
  • The matter is on the agenda for the Umno Supreme Council meeting on on 7 Feb 20.
  • However, Mohamad also reminded Umno of the need for the party to work with Dr Mahathir and Bersatu.
  • Mohamad also warned Umno about being too happy to co-operate with Bersatu to the point it would forget what the party was fighting for.

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