Malaysia: MACC want clarification from French embassy over Razak’s ‘charge’ – 3 Aug 2017

  • Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad says the agency will be meeting with officials at the French embassy to clarify the charge against Abdul Razak Baginda in France as reported earlier this week.
  • Speaking on TV3’s Soal Jawab programme on 2 Aug 17, Dzulkifli said he is aware of the difference between the legal systems in France and Malaysia.
  • Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda had earlier denied reports that he was charged in France over Malaysia’s purchase of Scorpene submarines in 2002, clarifying instead that a formal investigation had taken place.
  • Abdul Razak said the French legal process was different from that in Malaysia, where a person suspected of a crime was investigated and then charged in court should there be sufficient evidence. Welcoming the French inquiry, he said he had not committed any crime of corruption or breached any law in the matter.
  • On 1 Aug 17, AFP reported that Abdul Razak had been charged in Paris on 18 Jul 17 over alleged kickbacks in the purchase of submarines. The story, which quoted an unnamed judicial source, claimed that Abdul Razak was charged with “active and passive complicity in corruption” and “misappropriation of corporate assets”.
  • Dzulkifli said that should the case be in the prosecution stage, then the relevant actions should have taken place. Dzulkifli told Soal Jawab viewers that MACC would pursue the case if there was any legitimate information made available to them.

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