Malaysia: Lower GST, higher wages for Budget 2018, says Malaysians – 13 Sep 2017

  • LOWER goods and services tax, followed by increased wages, tops the list of what Malaysians want for Budget 2018. With fewer than six days to go, an online poll at has received about 7,500 comments, most of which revolve around the high cost of living.
  • The poll is set up for Malaysians to give their feedback and suggestions in 14 areas, including cost of living, housing and urban living, transport and infrastructure, healthcare, education, employment, taxation business and finance, digital economy, and rural development.
  • Haslina also urged Prime Minister Najib Razak to reduce the GST, which she said would reduce the burden on the people struggling to cope with the high cost of living. “Assalamualaikum YB Datuk Seri Najib Razak, I’m requesting for the GST to be lowered to lessen the burden of all Malaysians,” she said.
  • Accounting consultant Eddie Leng, 42, said that if the government would not reduce the GST, then it should lower personal taxes. Leng also said that the government should be spending its money on welfare programmes to aid the less fortunate, and that it should stop giving out the one-off BR1M payments.
  • A comment that received more than 1,000 likes was posted by Ravidasan, who asked for higher allowances for civil servants. Richard Samie wanted a 4% salary increase for civil servants, in line with the current inflation rate, and a MYR100 increase in housing allowance.

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