Malaysia: Harapan assures full support for anti-party hopping bill

  • Pakatan Harapan has assured that all 90 of its MPs will support the government’s bill to amend the Federal Constitution and enact an anti-party hopping law. This follows a meeting between the top leaders of Harapan parties and Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob in Putrajaya.
  • “The Harapan presidential council gives its full commitment that all Harapan MPs will give their support to pass this constitutional amendment,” the Harapan presidential council said in a statement.
  • They said that Ismail Sabri also assured them that Parliament will meet on April 11 to debate and vote on the bill.
  • The anti-party hopping law will reportedly automatically trigger a by-election if an MP resigns, is sacked from their party, or joins a new party, and if an independent MP joins a party.
  • Lawmakers have said that while there are kinks to iron out, it is more important to put the law in place now and then improve on it in the future.

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