Malaysia: Azmin leads in Johor party polls

  • MOHAMED Azmin Ali is in the lead over his rival Rafizi Ramli in the Johor polls for the party’s deputy president’s position. The Economic Affairs Minister garnered 4,503 votes for the party’s deputy president post while the former Pandan MP received 3,976 votes.
  • Mr Azmin had beaten Mr Rafizi in the Penang leg with a 176-vote majority, and in Johor, he has increased his lead over his rival.
  • However, the party’s central election committee (JPP) deputy chairman Adzman Hedra said there are still memberships that need to be verified.
  • “There are about 1,100 votes which are in doubt. We will call the division leaders and check on the validity of the membership. If it is confirmed (then) we will tabulate the digital vote,” he told The Malaysian Insight.
  • As the number of memberships in dispute is high, he said, it can determine the outcome of the state’s ballot. Adzman said they hoped to settle the matter by 2 Oct 18.
  • He said some individuals had insisted that they were members even though their names were not on the rolls during balloting.
  • Adzman said they were allowed to fill a form with their details which the committee will then cross-check later with its rolls in the party headquarters.
  • In Penang and Kedah, he said, this is what happened with some legitimate members and that created some commotion.

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