Malaysia: Anwar’s seat to be announced after he returns from HK

  • PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has confirmed that the announcement on the parliamentary seat to be contested by Anwar Ibrahim will be made after the latter’s return from Hong Kong on 12 Sep 18.
  • He said president-elect Anwar contacted him on 9 Sep 18 before leaving for Hong Kong, giving instructions to “get ready” potential seats to be contested.
  • “There were originally three (potential) seats, but as of 9 Sep 18, the focus was on two. He (Anwar) contacted me to give me an overview, and I have several tasks to complete,” Saifuddin Nasution said.
  • The domestic trade and consumer affairs minister said the seat chosen would be the “safest” based on the party’s study, taking into account the results of the 14th general election.
  • He also confirmed that the seat to be contested by Anwar would not be in a northern state, as reported by some newspapers.

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