Malaysia: Anwar disappointed with clash between PKR and Muda in Larkin

  • PKR president Anwar Ibrahim is disappointed with the clash between PKR and Muda for the Larkin state seat in the Johor election.
  • He said during the meeting on the distribution of seats, no problems arose between PKR and other Pakatan Harapan component parties because the decision was made in a spirit of solidarity.
  • “We and Harapan have no problem, we negotiated during the meetings…finally we abided by the spirit of camaraderie, but this did not happen in Larkin (with Muda), of course, it’s sad,” he told reporters.
  • There will be a six-cornered clash in the Larkin state constituency in the Johor polls involving Rasid Abu Bakar of Muda; Hairi Md Shah (BN); Dr Zamil Najwah Arbain (PKR); Zulkifli Bujang (PN); Norramadan Buan (Independent) and Mohamad Riadz Mohamad Hashim (Pejuang).
  • Asked about the impact of the clash, Anwar said the people should assess the real position, that there is a need for a strong, consistent opposition that can neither be bribed nor bought.
  • In the meantime, Anwar said Harapan had yet to determine a menteri besar candidate and that previous discussions held were more focused on strategies to win the election.
  • “The menteri besar candidate has not been determined, we want to ensure victory, there have been initial discussions but nothing serious. Recently we discussed the seats and the joint strategy with DAP and Amanah (Parti Amanah Negara),” he said.

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