Malaysia: Anwar denies saying there are ‘saboteurs’ in PKR fold

  • “There are pockets, people who, for their own reasons, would like to sabotage the arrangement,” he was quoted as saying.
  • This was the first time that Anwar had publicly admitted to a conspiracy against him, an issue raised by his loyalists in the run-up to the PKR polls last year.
  • 3 Jan 19, Otai Reformasi, a veterans’ group known for its loyalty to Anwar, said two people in the party wanted to prevent him from becoming prime minister in two years.
  • Claims of a sabotage attempt surfaced when Vice-president Rafizi Ramli’s camp, during the PKR polls campaign, had said deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali did not want Anwar to become prime minister.
  • Last week, Anwar and Azmin publicly clashed over the former’s decision to appoint those aligned with him to the PKR central leadership council despite them having lost in the party elections.
  • However, Dr Mahathir has repeatedly said he will stick to the succession plan, and Anwar has said there is no reason for him not to believe Dr Mahathir.

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