Malaysia: Anwar agrees to special PKR congress to discuss PAS ties – 2 Sep 2017

  • Anwar Ibrahim confirmed that he had given the nod for PKR to hold negotiations with PAS for cooperation between the two during the upcoming 14th general election (GE14).
  • The PKR de facto head said he also did not oppose the idea of having a special party congress to gain the party grassroots’ mandate to enable the discussions to continue. He added that he was also not playing down the concerns of several PKR leaders towards holding talks with PAS due to the perception that the Islamist party had become close to Umno.
  • He said, however, there might be problems in implementing the decision of the congress immediately as GE14 could take place anytime soon.
  • Anwar said although PKR was negotiating with PAS, it was still committed to the cooperation with PH, which also comprises PPBM, DAP and Amanah. He said PKR’s policy was not to be antagonistic towards PAS. He said the main consideration was for PKR to steer all its strength to face Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) in GE14.
  • In May 17, PAS decided to terminate its ties with PKR which had lasted for two decades, accusing the party of breaching the conditions of their “tahaluf siyasi” (political cooperation) by campaigning against PAS candidates in the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar parliamentary by-elections in Jun 16. Anwar also acknowledged that he had advised PKR not to break its ties with PAS.

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