Malaysia: Anifah appeals court’s decision to nullify Kimanis win

  • ANIFAH Aman has filed an appeal against the Election Court ruling that nullified his Kimanis federal seat victory in last year’s general election.
  • The former foreign minister’s lead counsel Ansari Abdullah said the filing had been done through the online court e-filing system earlier.
  • Ansari said his client was forced to appeal the decision as the Election Commission (EC) had chosen not to challenge the ruling.
  • On 16 Aug 19, the election court cleared Anifah against bribery and graft allegations brought against him in the election court but declared the poll results as null and void after the court found 384 additional ballot papers improperly cast in Kg Brunei and 54 ballots in SJK Cheng Meng.
  • Another of Anifah’s counsel, Tengku Fuad Ahmad, said the EC has let voters down by not appealing as the court had found them at fault.
  • “The EC should appeal because based on the Election Court’s findings, the returning officer and other election officers are now exposed to potential criminal liability under the Election Offences Act. In that regard, the EC has let down its own people,” he told The Malaysian Insight.

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