Malaysia: After Bersatu sackings, more to join Pejuang

  • Sacked Bersatu leaders and members said they are keen to join Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new party, Pejuang, not to follow the former prime minister but to fight corruption.
  • Even though the Registrar of Societies has yet to register Pejuang officially, several of them said they have begun urging others to quit Bersatu and join the new party. Bersatu’s hard-line approach and sacking those who support Dr Mahathir, plus its move to join Muafakat Nasional will drive more members away, they added.
  • Sani Azrin Mohamad Saleh, who was with the Bersatu Permatang Pauh division and among those sacked, said it was a low blow to see his name and that of the 281 others printed in newspapers.
  • “But I will not appeal and I am ready to join Dr Mahathir. As long as he is fighting for Bersatu’s initial objective, my friends and I will join him,” Sani said.
  • He estimates that 300 Bersatu members in Permatang Pauh will join Pejuang. Bersatu recently purged nearly 300 members, including assemblymen and supreme council members, who support Dr Mahathir.

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