KMT envoy to raise Taiwan conflict concerns on mainland China trip

  • The vice-chairman of Taiwan’s main opposition Kuomintang party is expected to convey growing concerns on the island about a potential cross-strait conflict on his trip to mainland China.
  • Andrew Hsia is scheduled to hold talks with Song Tao, head of the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office, in Beijing as part of his 10-day visit from 8 Feb.
  • The visit comes as there have been assessments by various sectors about a possible war, and hearings of many different timings of the attack. One purpose of the visit is to convey at an appropriate time the issues Taiwanese are concerned about to the other side.
  • The trip also follows repeated warnings in recent weeks by some senior US military officials and experts about the looming prospect of a cross-strait conflict.
  • Hsia added that one of the aims of the visit was to renew KMT contact with the mainland following a reshuffle in Beijing of its senior cross-strait affairs officials.
  • In addition to understanding the needs of mainland-based Taiwanese people and expressing their concerns to the mainland authorities, Hsia’s group would seek Beijing’s removal of import bans on certain farm and fishery products as well as help with disputes involving Taiwanese businesspeople.
  • At its core, the trip is meant to ameliorate dialogue with Beijing.

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