Kissinger, Chinese defense minister discuss Sino-U.S. relations

  • The U.S. should exercise sound strategic judgment in dealing with China, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu said while meeting veteran U.S. diplomat Henry Kissinger in Beijing on Tuesday.
  • China has been committed to building stable, predictable and constructive Sino-U.S. relations and hopes the U.S. can work with it to promote the healthy development of relations between their two militaries, the Defense Ministry quoted Li as saying.
  • Kissinger said: “The United States and China should eliminate misunderstandings, coexist peacefully and avoid confrontation. History and practice have continually proved that neither the United States nor China can afford to treat the other as an adversary.”
  • The talks took place as high-level defense dialogue between China and the U.S. remains frozen and military deployments across East Asia intensify.

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