Kim Jong Un Threatens Nuclear Use Anytime as US Carrier Arrives

  • Leader Kim Jong Un said North Korea is ready to use nuclear weapons “anytime and anywhere,” delivering a new threat as a US aircraft carrier group arrives in South Korea.
  • Kim made the comments while visiting a facility producing nuclear bombs, the official Korean Central News Agency reported on 28 Mar. State media released images of Kim standing with military officials among his arsenal of warheads.
  • Kim reiterated his call to exponentially increase North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, which “is aimed to defend the eternal security of the state and the regional peace and stability from A to Z.” The visit to the facility came as North Korea has rolled out new weapons to deliver nuclear strikes in recent weeks and pledged an unprecedented response to joint military drills between the US and South Korea.
  • North Korea is estimated to have about 80 to 90 warheads, the Seoul-based Korea Institute for Defense Analyses said in a paper released in Jan 23, adding Kim was looking to have between 100 to 300 over the long term.

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