Japan eyes Philippines as first recipient of security grant

  • Japan is looking to provide a security cooperation grant to the Philippines, its first such allotment under a new program designed to bolster the defensive capabilities of regional allies.
  • Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will meet with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in Tokyo on 9 Feb, with both sides working to include the grant in the summit’s outcome document.
  • In key security policy documents, Japan outlined plans to create the new program as a way to strengthen the armed forces of partner countries. The government’s draft budget for fiscal 2023 included JPY2bn (USD15.2mn) for the initiative.
  • The Philippines would be the first recipient of the grants, which could take the form of funding and equipment.
  • The new program is separate from Japan’s development assistance grants, which are limited to non-military purposes.
  • Marcos further expressed interest in pursuing wide-ranging cooperation with Japan, including on the national security and economic fronts.

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