Indonesia’s nickel reserves could be depleted in 15 years, minister warns

  • Indonesia may see its nickel reserves depleted in less than two decades as a result of high annual production amid increased demand from smelting facilities, a senior minister has warned.
  • Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif has forecast that at current nickel ore consumption, the world’s largest nickel producer has around 15 years until its deposits run out.
  • The minister told reporters on Friday he did not rule out the possibility there could be a longer reserve life if the country “was not wasteful in the use of nickel.”. To further extend the reserves, the ministry will continue to attract more investment for exploration projects and develop recycling facilities for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, he said.
  • Indonesia has a total of 22.3 billion tonnes of nickel ore reserves, consisting of proven reserves and estimated reserves of 5.3 billion and 17 billion tonnes, respectively, according to Arifin.

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