Indonesia to Get Up to 23.1 Million AstraZeneca Shots Via Covax

  • Indonesia will receive as many as 23.1 million doses of the AstraZeneca Plc vaccine in 1H21 boosting the government’s inoculation efforts as Covid-19 cases and deaths continue to rise by record numbers.
  • The Southeast Asian nation will get the shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine through the World Health Organization-backed Covax initiative, the Indonesian foreign affairs ministry said in a statement on 31 Jan 21.
  • The vaccines will arrive in stages, with 25%-35% by Mar 21 and the remainder in 2Q21, the ministry said, citing a letter of confirmation from Covax. The shots can be used once the WHO approves the AstraZeneca inoculation for emergency use.
  • The initial allocation for Indonesia is between 13.7 million and 23.1 million shots, the ministry said.
  • President Joko Widodo told officials on 31 Jan 21 that distancing measures needed to be implemented more firmly and consistently to slow the virus spread, adding that military, police and religious leaders must pitch in.

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